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Summer Camp Membership Options:

VIP Membership:

-Sign-up fee of $59 waived
-Paid in Full at the time of sign up for all 11 weeks of Camp starting June 5th until August 18th.
-10% discount for paying in full (save $131).
Retail cost is $1309, you pay $1178. This is the best savings.
-ONLY available to the first TEN campers.

Entire Summer Membership:

-Sign-up fee of $59 due at the time of sign up.
-Financed payments of $119 per week, starting the Friday before the start of the next week (bank draft).
-Includes ALL 11 Weeks of Camp starting June 5th until August 18th.

Weekly Summer Membership:

-You choose your week(s)!
-The best choice for those who only need 5-6 weeks of camp.
-Sign-up fee of $59 due at the time of sign up.
-$149 per week.

*When field trips are taken (1-2 per week), there will be an additional cost for the trip. That cost will be known ahead of time and will be paid for the day of the trip or before.

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